Shoot your shot

A twenty sided die sitting at rest with the F from the fun shots logo on one of the faces.

The second season of Fun-Shots takes the welcoming formula of the first, and brings on new GMs and games! From single session one-shots, to 4 session short stories, Fun-Shots covers shorter narrative arcs than the broader shows, and serves as a testing ground for possible future shows as well as game systems that need playtesting.

In Full pursuit


In Full Pursuit is a one-shot adventure facilitated by Djinnaya in the Song of The Fugitive hack of Fall of Magic, with the players taking on the role of knights in the Court of Swords chasing down a dangerous fugitive!

Gold fantasy lettering spells: In Full Pursuit

Pew Pew Mew Mew

Cartoonish letters shaped by wild energy spell: Pew Pew Mew Mew

Pew Pew Mew Mew is a one shot facilitated by Lauren using Laser Kittens! The newest class of the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens has arrived to learn how to become a real cat— but secretly, they're there to learn how to use the supernatural abilities that all cats have.




A one-shot in the Visigoths vs. Mall Goths system, Maulrats asks: what if you had to save the mall you loved from a 90s LA real estate tycoon? And what if you belonged to warring factions of counterculture teens and time-traveling barbarians?

The game is featured on Fun-Shots for playtesting.

A pink, spraypainted emblem says: Maulrats

Half Agony, Half Hope

Sharp, gothic lettering spells out: Half Agony, Half Hope

Djinnaya runs this one-shot of Bluebeard's Bride, where the players each take on a facet of the Bride's psyche as she struggles to choose between loyalty, justice, and survival.


The Burning Shores of Eghilia


Our first journey into Burning Wheel is run by Mathias! The grand port city of Eghilia has shut its gates. And this track of refugees that has crossed the Wailing Hills fleeing the violence to the north is forced to camp at the foot of its walls. We follow three people who each have their very own reason for why they need to get into the city.

The words The Burning Shores of Eghilia are written in blackletter script over an old drawing of crumbling towers.

Where Memories Sleep

A hand-drawn crystal rests behind the words Fun-Shots: Where Memories Sleep

Where Memories Sleep is a three part series GMd by Jess! In the vein of the Secret of Mana and other classic JRPGs, we use the game Ancient Stones to establish our setting before adventuring with the Ryuutama ruleset.


Additional music provided by Peritune and Vindsvept under a CC BY 4.0 license, or acquired from Wingless Seraph.

Kindest Regards


Kindest Regards is a one-shot of The Fictional Memoirs of Harriette Wilson & Her Sisters facilitated by Katy! In order to secure funding to keep the lifestyle she is used to, Harriette Wilson wrote and published scandalous stories that revealed all the secrets she held about her lovers. What did these memoirs contain? And what did each lover feel about their secrets being revealed?

The words Kindest Regards are written in elegant and delicate script.


The word Retrograde is overlayed on top of a picture of Mars.

Retrograde is a one-shot of Dialect, set in an isolated colony on Mars. They've got the planet — and each other — to contend with. And if they don't figure out how to talk with each other, how to make decisions and get things done, this place will become their grave....