A Revolution

A woman in gold armor with a glowing sword strides confidently through a raging battlefield. The art is signed by Joyce Maureira.

Unfettered was my first RPG show: a two player homebrew campaign set in the shattered world of Hersagul. Over the course of 21 episodes players Crispy and Top Hat made allies in their fight against a colonial Empire spread too thin across the lands, delved into ancient ruins filled with advanced magitech artifacts, and dealt with the aftermath of a long and bloody war for conquest.

Constance stormheart

Constance Stormheart: The Immortal Marine, The Eternal Storm, The Drake Rider. Constance was a celebrated shock trooper for the Empire during the War of Ennoblement with many legendary feats attributed to her name — earned or otherwise. She grew up with Molakai Kent and the two served together during the war until a falling out between them left Constance in Sutter Gaol and Molakai at the head of the Manifest Fleet.

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Rough, textured brush strokes write out the words I will stab you in the mind with my mind.

Albert Vessinger

A red splatter pattern running from right to left ends in a large circle with a black skull. Over both in orange text that's been cracked is written Master of my own fate.

Captain Vessinger served at the Empire's pleasure during the War of Ennoblement, leading his ship to numerous victories against the Maran defense force. His loyalty became a problem for him, though, when the empire was betrayed at the hands of one of Vessinger's crew. Knowing such a low-ranking soldier would be hanged for treason of that magnitude, Vessinger claimed responsibility for the crime and was sentenced to waste away in Sutter Gaol.

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Art Credits

Terrible Character Portraits by Jeff Preston

Candle from above by Kathryn Rotondo