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A long time ago in a world on the inside of a sphere, the power of the four seasonal dragons was enshrined in the Amulet of Seasons. Now, every four months, a group of travelers is selected to go on a journey between the lands, bringing the Amulet to the temple of the next season so that the whole world can delight in the change!

Travel! airs on Sundays at 6pm Pacific



旅行せよ! Travel! started as a 3-episode series on Fun-Shots starring Summer, Jessica Osborne, and Joely. The original party took a journey from the City of Snow to the City of Blossoms to bring spring to the world!

Three figures, the original three characters, stand together.
character art by Jessica Osborne


First cour



Travel! was renewed for a full-length campaign in August of 2018, starring the original OVA cast with the addition of Lindy! The show follows their characters as the months roll around to the beginning of Summer.


Japanese characters spell 旅行せよ! with a translation below that says Travel!.

Second cour


Japanese characters over rippling water spell 旅行せよ! with a translation below that says Travel!.


The second half of season 1 sees the party learning to find their way after the death of their guardian. With their enemies drawing nearer to their ultimate goal, our heroes must learn the truth behind the legends they've been told....



A smug looking young man in fancy dress stands confidantly. Over one hand floats a glowing book, over the other are suspended several magical ice shards.

Mjoll Eir Adalsteinn, played by Jessica Osborne, is a noble from the City of Snow in the Winterlands. He traveled with Lamb and Hekla to carry the Amulet of Seasons and bring about the beginning of Spring. He's poorly suited for life on the road, and he has a haughty attitude, but he's also extremely knowledgable and fiercely loyal.


Lamb, played by Summer, is a geepherder from the City of Snow. She lost her parents (in the sense that she doesn't know where they are) when she was very young, and was raised by a group of old goatherds she refers to as her "pappies". She traveled with Mjoll and Hekla to carry the Amulet of Seasons from the Winterlands to the City of Blossoms, and channeled the amulet's power on several occasions during that journey. She's friendly, trusting, and very strong. When she isn't wrangling her two unruly goats, Giddy and Nono, she's keeping a weather eye out for curses.

A young woman with wild hair bounds joyously along. She wears a pink frilly dress and a pair of reinforced leather fighting gloves.


A young woman with hair tied up in a waist-length ponytail brandishes an ornate glaive. She wears a close-fitting outfit of shark leathers and patterned cloth.

Lindy plays Kiiro, a headstrong huntress from the Summer Isles. Kiiro has an unquestionable competitive streak, but she's more responsible than her brother, Danjin, who she is constantly pulling out of trouble.


Danjin is a minstrel played by Joely. He's a carefree Summerlander with a penchant for song and dance. He comes from a village in the Summerlands that typically doesn't participate in the tradition of carrying the Amulet of Seasons, but he's a big fan of both Mjoll and Lamb.

A young man dances and winks. He wears thin flowing banners of cloth around his loose-fit vest and casual capri pants.

Legends of Mahōrea


Travel's second OVA, Legends of Mahōrea, explores the history of the world and the events that would eventually lead to the journey in the main series.

The first series dives into the meeting of the four seasonal kingdoms in the Stormlands after the Summer Dragon awakened and burned Akvan's army to ashes— a meeting that would end in the War of The Four Kingdoms.

Three figures, the original three characters, stand together.




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